Sally Dwyer-Lahm

As a small town girl growing up in eastern Colorado, I love the peace and serenity of the country.  I find inspiration daily in the things around me.  Small rocks my children bring me.  The colors of our breathtaking sunsets, and as unlikely as it sounds our local junk yard.  I automatically see something and think, "how can I make this beautiful", or "what could I use this for."

I truly enjoy creating each piece and finding ways to reuse or renew some long gone piece and breath new life into it.  I love to work in all different mediums and refer to myself as a mixed media artist.

I currently work with metal, polymer clay, crystals and agates, textiles, leather, wire and resin.  Combining them in many ways.

Growing up my dream was to be a fashion designer, and although I have made things here and there for my children, I find my love of jewelry and home décor continues to draw me back time and again.

I worked for over 15 years (and still do for a favorite customer or too) as a florist and give credit for my eclectic style and "I can make this work, even if I use a hose clamp and duck tape" mentality to my aunt, LaVanda Mitchek.  She taught me no idea is too crazy and to think outside of the box.  Every time I think of her it brings a smile to my face and the wonderful memories I had working for her.  She was and always will be far ahead of her time and I only hope one day to be as talented as she is.

Sally Dwyer-Lahm, Owner The Mechanic's Wife