Once Upon a Halloween, 2016

Time to de-stress a bit, so I thought I would write a blog and sho our latest Halloween costumes I made.

I tend to do some type of theme with my kids.  This year I even gave them options - their still young enough,  so mom gets final say! 

How to Train Your Dragon movies and episodes are one of our family favorites so that's what we went for.  Originally we (mom and dad) have a Halloween party to attend some weekend around this time.  This year we had good friends getting married on the 29th (the Saturday before) so no dress up party.

Initially I had wanted to make Axle and Elexx the twins, Rough Nut and Tough Nut, but they begged and pleaded to be Hiccup and Astrid instead.  Our second decision was do we make them young, or older??  Two movies, two ages.   They chose older.  My work would have been a bit simpler if they had chosen the younger version.

Our last decision revolved around their 2 year old brother, Xzavier.  Who would he be?  They both decided pretty quickly he would be Dagur the Deranged!  Yes, seriously.  They chose wisely.

I never really have a full plan when I set out to do costumes.  I hit up Pinterest A LOT looking for images and ideas of what I can use.  We live out in rural Colorado (I'm talking farm ground and cow land here) and don't get to the city very often.  Amazon Prime has become my friend and I had to make sure and hit up the thrift store in the neighboring town on the Friday before, as its the only day of the week its open. 

Thankfully I had some old leather jackets I had picked up over the last year at the junk stores that helped big time!  Most of their costumes were made from the jackets, craft foam, spray paint, polymer clay, velcro, lots of hot glue, belts, snow boots and basic clothes.

The only thing I intentionally bought was the ax for Astrid and the small plastic knife for Dagur.  Both were on sale for 75% off.  The wig for Astrid I got last year in the after Halloween sale for just a few bucks.  The toy dragons Axle and Elexx both have are the dragons each character rides in the movies.  They already had them, so that was an extra bonus.

I think their costumes came out pretty good!  Yes, I'm that mom, but my kids absolutely love getting costumes handmade.

Xzavier as Dagur the Deranged by The Mechanic's Wife